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Why cargo owners choose Logixment

When you are looking for transportation company in Georgia or forwarding agent in Poti, there’s an option already chosen by 25 businesses and more then 100 private persons — Logixment.

For many years we carry out container transportation and provide issuance of all necessary documents. Services we offer also include air transportation, river-marine vessel chartering, cargo delivery to Azerbaijan. We offer tilted and refrigerated trucks to all directions of Caucasian region. If there’s a need for warehouse or cargo reloading to other means of transport options are always available.

Team of professionals located in Poti, Baku and Riga promptly solves all issues and timely reacts to all irregular situations.

Transparent prices

Transparent pricing

We offer direct prices from verified truck and warehouse owners. Our income is a fixed commission, which the customer knows in advance.


If the cargo owner requires international multimodal container transportation — Logixment team will do it’s best to provide good service. But only if we can make them on the highest level.


If the cargo owner requires international multimodal container transportation — Logixment team will do it’s best to provide good service. But only if we can make them on the highest level.

Logixment support 24/7

24/7 customer support

We inform about the key events of the carriage in a timely manner. And any customer requests are processed around the clock.

Moments of the Logixment's life

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Reviews about Logixment

Real reviews from partners and individuals about Logixment
Khikmet Sabir
Booster Oil Azerbajan

This isn’t the first company we work with, but the one we settled on as our forwarder and have been cooperating for two years. In addition to its primary work, Logixment team will always guide and suggest the best solution for all of our challenges.

Temuri Babilodze
BSA Georgia as agent of Evergreen Line

As soon as BSA Georgia started operating as Evergreen Line agent Logixment became the first customer that arranged export shipment.

Ufuk Gumusoz
UG Logistics & Trade UK

Logixment has the best forwarding team in Caucasus region. Always in contact, attentive and detail-oriented, but unfortunately they do not have office in Turkey.

Shalva Dvaladze
Geonuts Export

We visited Poti to pick out a reliable forwarder. That's how we met Logixment team. From the beginning of our partnership the company representatives have been supporting us at every stage of all our deals.

ARAL Azerbaijan

Three transportation deals of lubricated oil from Europe to Azerbaijan have been carried out by this company. Upon concluding the final one they demanded demurrage charges. Do not recommend.

Suzhou Furukawa Power Optic Cable China

Logixment warned us about bad weather conditions in Batumi just in time. And though delivery has been delayed the result was safe and intact. We made the right choice with logistic company in Georgia.

Responsibility and communication

Climate responsibility policy and Logixment's contacts

According to Distinguished Professor of Atmospheric Science at Pennsylvania State University Michael Evan Mann, starting from 1750s human activities on Earth has caused temperature to rise by ≈1°C. This is why Logixment decided to re-calibrate its mission to help reduce and offset carbon footprint, being left by transport logistics activity.

In 2020 Logixment introduced new
protocols for staff interaction as within one division, so between branches in Latvia and Azerbaijan. Successful implementation of new rules enabled remote work through the use of electronic paperwork so it was decided to shut down all company premises.

Currently more than 30 Logixment team members work remotely in three countries, with the flexible work hours, adapted for light day to save electricity.

The specialists roughly estimate that as a result of Logixment’s dutiful and responsible climate policy the impact on the environment from their business operations has been decreased by 27%.

Our postal address remains same:

32 Samegrelo street, Poti, GE-4401, Georgia

Phone +995 555 547730, but we strongly encourage all our partners to prioritize emails over mobile connection.


Need cargo transportation?

The Logixment team is always in touch. We will carefully inspect your request, answer your questions, and send you the best offer.